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ALL I GOT ARE MONDAYS (Grainger)/ solo

I always think my song’s were meant to be listened to alone with head phones where you can hear and feel the intimacy of the song’s and also hear some of the weird stuff lower down in the mix but failing that at a nice soft volume with a loving pair of ears LOL

As always a big thank you for reading my words and listening to my songs, this one comes from real personal pain and real childhood memories and I hope you enjoy it and be great if you want to like or wave or poke or message or comment or whatever u crazy facebook cats do these days, lovely to hear from you all as always.

so this is another one of my infamous kitchen song’s and this song pretty much is the birth of the whole kitchen songs idea…. I’d like to say it’s a sunny shiny happy song but as usual its pretty dark and lonely and painful little thing…..I think I spent so many of my songwriting years suffering with my M.E that all that pain naturally went into my songwriting and my guitar was my sanctuary and the thing that really got me through those difficult years between first getting it at 16,then spending years trying to find out what was wrong with me, then even more years trying to get people, friends family and health professionals to believe in my “invisible illness” then spending years right up to the present day dealing with the illness and learning to manage it and live with it. So I read a lot of lines in this song now and I know they were wrote about real life pain and struggles, but I also gave the song a lost love theme (again which is a returning theme in my music even though I was in a relationship then marriage at the time these were wrote,maybe it art was pre emptying or imitating my future which is spooky) and the main inspiration was a picture my mum had on her kitchen wall that hung there through all my years living at home then one day was gone and never seen again….


* I was listening to a lot of nick drake when I wrote this and I also had been shown the DADGAD guitar tuning by my chief Dave Robertson and was enjoying that and trying to write things so all those lovely D notes would just ring out, since writing the song I’ve played acoustic gigs with people who have used this tuning but just played normal traditional chords and no open D’s ringing and it seems pointless to be honest…..this was my second ever song written in this tuning… it was a tuning used a lot in old folk music but if u want to see how great the DADGAD tuning is I’m sure my friend Rob Davies would say look no further then Jimmy page and led zeppelin, Kashmir, swan song, black mountain side all DADGAD, And you can really capture some droning folk or eastern flavours with it.
* As I said above my struggle with M.E was very paramount in the writing of this song but the other main influence was a picture that hung on my mums kitchen wall all through my childhood, it was a portrait picture of a lady (probably only in 30s or 40s but to my young childish eyes she seemed old, her eyes were beautiful yet sad or maybe a little wacky backy hazy who could say…. I would guess this was taken or painted in the 60s or 70s her hair was in bun, some hanging down and the picture was very dreamy,very green and brown if my memory serves me correct….my mind would sometimes wonder, who was this lady? What was her story? Was it some one my folks knew or just something to hang on an empty wall, I never got any answers then one day the picture was gone, to this day I’ve never asked my mum about the picture….maybe I should while I can but like most art the mystery and mystique always seemed more appealing….so the chorus line “I took down your picture from the kitchen wall, now nothing hangs there anymore” is totally about that…… I miss that lady on the wall…
* I did the basic recording of this song like all my kitchen song’s in me mums kitchen with Barron fellows help facing that kitchen wall where that picture no longer hanged……
* The hook line and song title I’m not 100% sure where that came from but my thoughts on it now are it comes directly from my health and the amount of weekends I wasted lying in bed ill thinking about all my friends out having weekend fun and thinking at least by monday they’ll be miserable too lol or maybe the lyric is a throw away line because I was listening to the boomtown rats monday song and in the three years before Sam Martin my fellow Riley band member (and who again put some of his lovely congos down on this record, thanks bro x) if a keyboard was around would treat us to the intro of I don’t like mondays (all the black notes if I remember correct) In three years he never treated us to anything else of the song, but the intro was always a delight to hear lol So how did that line come about, in truth I don’t know, can’t remember, what do you think? Might be no reason, I might just be talking nonsense, anyone who knows me would agree I do talk a lot of nonsense lol, and maybe whatever meaning a listener gets out of someone’s lyrics is actually the best answer…
*I love the variety of instruments on this song and the range starting with the crappiest keyboard ever owned by man, my first casio keyboard, the most beat up horrible sounding thing u can imagine, it’s playing this low droning string rumble I believe, even though it sounds nothing like a string instrument,not sure what I was thinking putting that down…..but then we have arrons much nicer keyboard putting some delayed piano and synth string in, then to Russel Tite and Jay Miles in the studio where we put some strawberry fields flute mellotrone on then all the way up to real lush violin and Sam’s heartbeat congos and cymbal work, all held together by the old art guitar in DADGAD,
* I play the acoustic bass in this song (i think u can just pick it out in mix), why the acoustic bass? Well 1. Because I had one lying around, 2. Cos of that God damm horrible keyboard string low drone just collided with anything in that lower region, so why didn’t I delete the horrible keyboard, well that wud be like throwing out the ugly baby or puppy out the bunch, I cudnt do that, the range of instruments like i said above was one of the cool things about it, I think it was a nightmare for Russel to mix and nightmare to master it cos it was I believe on the same track as the acoustic so you had to have it as much as he wanted me to delete it and start from scratch lol oh the hazy discussions we’d have, “no the horrible keyboard part must stay now let’s mix it for the millionth time lol” but u couldn’t push the bottom end of the song without having the hottie low keyboard lol u can really here it in the last verse…


Opened my eyes,
and you weren’t lying by my side
Cos you had left me far behind.
Now all I got are Monday’s,
Nothing but Monday’s
I took down your picture from the kitchen wall
Now nothing hangs there anymore
Cos all I got are Monday’s
No pretty sight, I’m crying every night
When I hear our song it don’t sound right
Cos all I got are Monday’s
Nothing but mondays
I took down your picture from the kitchen wall
Now nothing hangs there anymore
Cos all I got are Monday’s
I closed my eyes and you Were lying by my side,
But then I realised
I think they found me on the kitchen floor
Now I don’t lie there anymore
Cos all I got are mondays

That’s the story, thanks for reading, hope you like the song and remember to leave a comment or check out all the song’s on my you tube page…I’ll be uploading a new live track in about 10 days until then….
Love,peace and happiness
Grainger and his art guitar
P.s – thanks as always to my computer man Philip Batey for uploading the track x

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