Bad Boys For Life Song | Shalom Kolontarov | 2020


Shalom Kolontarov,
the supremely gifted has built upon his artistic legacy and strength of hip hop to come up with some blissful and enthralling musical wonders.

(ProNewsReport Editorial):- Pasadena, Jul 27, 2020 ( – The supremacy of artistry can be felt from each moment of the tracks crafted by Shalom Kolontarov. The fine balance with which he maintains the integrity and strength of the tracks is something that reflects the best out of the hip hop genre. Being an actor, singer, producer, and director, the artist has always been among the best of the creative minds, which reflects from his work in each of the tracks. This very fact makes it pretty clear that he can create tracks that can touch the human soul and left them shattered.

Tracks like ‘Never Forget Her Name’ and ‘Bad Boys for Life’ reflect the musical charisma that the artist carries with himself. Be it the sound design or the vocal line, each fragment of these tracks stand tall and shout the loudest. This is where everything blends and comes out as a picture filled with intensity, passion, and strength. Such tracks are impeccable in terms of the standards set by famous hip hop artists.

‘Harry Potter XXX’ and ‘Stranger Things’ are some other tracks from him that has spellbound the global audience. The well-utilized musical knowledge of the artists can be observed throughout the premise of these tracks. Shalom Kolontarov surrounds the ambiance with a blissful hook that lingers on the minds of the audiences even after the tracks come to the end. The fusion of classy elements with supreme musicianship speaks out throughout these tracks. You can listen to all of these tracks on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Follow him on Facebook, and Instagram for more.

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