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BLINK TWICE (Grainger)/ Solo

Here’s another track about ten years old now … it’s got a nice little groove … please check it out on my YouTube page….leave your comments good or bad….subscribe yourself to me lol…I’m my only fan at the moment lol but hey I guess I already knew that….my page has got lots of my bits and bobs on and every week or so I’ll be adding more…so have a listen friends xxx anyway back to this song BLINK TWICE.


* The main thing I think about with this song is how a song can change such a lot from the writing and influence and inspiration to the recording of the song and the things that happen when you start putting tracks down and how these changes can make or break a song….and in this case I think the things we fell upon recording it really add to the song… I wrote this whilst listening to lots of early solo McCartney (mccartney + ram) and these delightful little songs….I wanted to write my own little song and this was my attempt…but the day I recorded it the song went in this other direction and I dig it…..
* for keen ear listeners….the odd creek you can hear is from the chair I was sitting on whilst laying down the guitar and vocal part….I’ve never been able to keep still whilst playing guitar or in life….I’m like a shark I have to keep moving or I may die lol.
* Rob Jones the fantastic multi instrumentalist who produced this track for me really earnt his money on this one putting down some lovely drums, keys, gloc and melodica
* I think the intro with the melodica (hey Rob is that what its called I’m not sure) really makes the intro and outro have a real French feeling….don’t know if that’s just me but its my one and only step into French sounding music…. and in fact the intro and outro is my favourite thing about the whole song lol lovely bits of music that just happen to have a song wedged between them lol
* Rob Jones- this recording was a favourite of your sisters I seem to remember…tag her in mate see if she still feels the groove x
* I def have a thing where a lot of my songs will have moments of vocals but not words…Sounds interest me …and the “‘rap pa pa pa pa pa”‘ intro was there right from the start of writing as I thought it went with the quietness and groove of the song and I also found it very intimate possibly bordering on creepy lol
* I like the second and third verse being a little question and answer and that always worked well if one voice was male and the other female…and A lot of my mid 20s songs capitalised on that set up.
* the lyric is pretty throw away..this song is more about rhythm and groove so.the lyrics aren’t really personal…cos as anyone who’s ever known me will testify I am not that much of a player lol the self doubting bits and thinking they’re better off are probably my real self coming through…. the only real thing that inspired the lyric are those times when you spare a minute to think about ex partners or even friends or family who you no longer see and just thinking what they are up to (thanks to the modern day dream that is facebook you don’t need to guess and wonder so much) but in them days you may get lost in the odd thought or daydream about people…..

I wonder how they are without me
I bet they’re doing fine without me
Hold your head up high
So you don’t see em cry
Blink twice and I’m gone…to carry on.
I wonder where they go now I’ve gone
(Where did you go?)
Did it take em long to carry on
(No not too long)
If I were a man,
I’d stay and hold your hand
But blink twice and I’m gone to carry on
I wonder what they say about me
(What did you say?)
I bet they’re doing fine, despite me
(No, not that fine)
I can’t spare the time
To really stop and cry
Blink twice I’ll be gone, to carry on

Hope you enjoy
Love, peace, and happiness
Andrew and his art guitar

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