Bruno Dos Santos – Traidor (Vídeo Oficial)


Bruno is an artistic student who at the end of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic decided to release his first song titled Eternal Love whose song is dedicated to his ex in a way that sees their future plans if they had not ended their relationship.

Later he released songs like Karma that from what you can see talks about a friendly relationship between two colleagues, one of them was Bruno and he began to realize that that relationship over time was rotting despite the lies, prejudices and ridicule he received daily

Bruno Dos Santos also released the Karma Remix with American rapper D’andre O’range
Arriving at 2021 Bruno decided to capture more facts of his life through new songs such as “Te Mata La Envidia” “20” “La Autoestima” and “Infeliz” in collaboration with a wonderful artist named Emily B. Smith and this is how a second EP entitled My Reality 2 arises

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