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Singer/songwriter Jbentt who’s real name is Andre Bent was born in Sandy Bay Clarendon. He is no stranger to music as he grew up in a family of singers and musicians, some of which like his uncle Uken (Kirk) Gayle have played for some most of the big names in Jamaican gospel and Reggae to which he witnesses first hand. These experinces helped shape him as a musican and a singer

At the age of six he wrote his song after the passing of his grandmother.

He continued to write music but not in the local genere, he was influenced by country stars Keith Urban and Tim Mcgraw whom he listened to day and night from there he was hooked

Through the story telling style of country caught his attention he also incorperated Pop as he grew up on the likes of Michael Jackson and later added Bob Marley and other Reagge greats.

Some of his other musical influnces were ; Beres Hammond,Eminem , Linkin Park, Vybz kartel, Tim Mcgraw , Kenny Chesney,Keith Urban, Boys to Men, Back Street Boyz, N’sync just to name a few

His first recorded single was ” I cant Belive ” which was a RnB, Pop combination at a close studio close by called JE Productions who’s owner was a well known musican and just starting his own studio

Still he had not hit main stream until in 2011 he formed a group with childhood friends Jermain Jackson, Ralston Baileyand his, counsin Kevin Blake also knows as dready an also known as sky
To form the group J.A.R ( based on letters of their first names)

They went to audition for Digicels Rising Stars where they made it to the big screen and the illiminations
But there big break would have to wait as they were illiminated in the first round.

This would not be the end the group recorded their first single ” Gangster Paradise” that got much prasie from friends and fans and was even played on News Talk 93 FM. They also recorded singles like ” Baby Come back home” and ” Have you ever” but did not gain enough traction to become a hit.

He never stopped writing songs or singing even years after not recording. He made this step when he auditioned for Trinidads Digicel Rising Star where he went under the name JBent. The “J” was suggested by a Co-worker Rudolph Phillips who told him he could represent his country and himself by using the letter to represent Jamaica his native country

Even though he did not pass the first stage of the competition he decided to give his musical career a try again this time he was determined to make something of his talent and passion for music.

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