“FREEZE!” (Official Music Video) | Kyro



I’m from South Florida like many but also called Springfield, MA my home for a while while I grew up there. I always knew I wanted to sing or get into music somehow but of course, I had low confidence. It wasn’t until I had to do a SCHOOL PROJECT and did a song, that made me really realized my potential. Since then, there were ups and downs but everything drew back to music in which I released “April 28th” which boosted my momentum; accumulating almost 115K streams!
It took listeners that were reaching out to me, telling me to never give up and that I definitely had a spark not many could possess. It’s not your typical hardcore lyricism but I very well get the job done and my original sound, like “Lies”, are classics but also I’ve been experimenting on how versatile my talent really is with tracks like “FREEZE”. There’s a lot more to learn about me but for now, you can peep my song and wait until you see what else I got coming!

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