Gravity | Amerie Fabrua



Hi there! Last September, I released my first single called, “Gravity”. my producer and I really started from scratch for the production.

Gravity is a song that I wrote for no one in particular. It was basically not about my personal experience but I have a big imagination about this song. When I read the article about the legend story of Peter Pan and Wendy, I realized that its lyrics fit so well with their situation. I think Gravity was meant to be connected with their love story. I never expected this to happen in my songwriting.

Gravity talks about too much detachment that almost makes you feel you can’t be as free as your loved person. He can fly like an eagle but you can’t. He can be whatever he wants but you can’t. This song reiterates that love is powerful but also dangerous. Too much gravity pulls you down. It’s not all the time about attraction and sticking close with the significant other. It is also about keeping away two worlds that no matter what happens, fate won’t allow to collide.

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