Mahaprana Deepam | Suffocated art Specimen | Patruni Chidananda Sastry



Patruni Chidananda Sastry is a Classical Dancer, Intrapreneur, and Customer Service Expert. Patruni started dancing since the age of 7. Patruni Sastry unique style called “Expressionism” is a new way to tell stories of awareness to the society .Patruni Sastry contributes his attribute of dance with many organizations like Mobbera Foundation, Mental Health Organization, Good Universe, Mist, Namma Pride, Human Library, and the Humsafar trust. He has also been part of many dance festivals including the Golden Beach Festival, Kalpashree dance festival, and so on. Patruni also used his skill to bring visualization to the complex numerical and conceptual subjects and processed a new way to represent data. Patruni also created a new style of poetry reciting and storytelling. Patruni has worked on a unique style of dance called “Expressionism “where he believes to radiate social awareness through dance.

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