Pronto Valid – 1998 (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Pronto Valid is a multi-talented, genre-bending musician from Chicago, IL. His palette includes a diverse mix of different cultures and genres of music and his unique sound pairs vibrant synth-based & natural instruments, with high-intensity basslines and descriptive lyricism.

Influenced by bands and artists like Linkin Park, Lupe Fiasco, Juice WRLD, Drake, Metallica, and Kendrick Lamar, Hip-hop and Rock music caught his attention the most growing up. Like many, his first experiences with playing music were in school. He was taught to play the trumpet, drums, piano, and more.

Although he was never classically trained, his urge for excellence and creativity allowed him to teach himself to play popular children’s songs on these instruments – which he would share by performing for professors and classmates. From these experiences, a new world of expression was shown to him.

At the age of eleven, he began writing his first song lyrics and signed up for talent shows to hone in on his skills as a live performer. At fifteen he began recording and engineering his own music, where he discovered the beauty of being fully in control of his own craft – a practice which he continues to this day, and which inspired him to also become a producer.

Fast forward to the age of 24 and he has released multiple albums and singles as an independent artist and continues to grow as he is influenced by the world around him.

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