Requiem Digital ( Sugar Lights Forever ! )


Hello my name is anomalae.

Pleased to meet you.

I am the Lead Creator for TheLoopHoleConspiracy.

The first metal band to utilize full 7d holography technology.

I hope you enjoy our creations !

We just won the Metal Devastation Radio battle of the bands for the month of June !

We would love to be featured/reviewed !

Band info:


Florida Metal Purists

Consisting of a Sonic Architect known simply as Number 54,

A multidimensional tourist trapped in the 3d named anomalae,

And a Monster in a cage named Colicab.

They have lived metal since they heard their first note of sonic violence and beauty.

They are the first metal band to utilize full 7d Holographic technology.

Elevating what is possible to perceive.

They have three goals….

# 1 Leave a scar on the face of Metal forever !

#2 Open for the Deftones.

#3 Bring our fans to levels of consciousness never before experienced live !


Because of You : The Aggression That Compels Us.


Independent label.

Album Links.

Social Media links.

Twitter :

Thank you for your consideration and potential review !

Turn it loud MF’ers !

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