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WATER INTO WINE (Grainger solo/original but also appeared on the Delta debut album,and a few years later was released as a solo single by Lois lane stalker)

I always think my song’s were meant to be listened to alone with head phones where you can hear and feel the intimacy of the song’s and also hear some of the weird stuff lower down in the mix but failing that at a nice soft volume with a loving pair of ears LOL.

This song is the only song I’m putting up on my Facebook page from The Delta debut album I recorded in the late 00s I’ve put it on instead of doing a live recording, because it feels more like a Grainger solo song anyway, I put it on the album cos it had a country feel that most of the album did and I wanted to put one song on with me lead vocals but also because this is one of my favourite recordings I ever made, and I believe one of the best songs that I ever wrote, it’s got one of my favourite and best lyric lines in it, and it’s the most complete and easiest songs I ever created., And some of my favourite guitar parts I’ve ever created or recorded….
It’s a story song and largely just a creation of mine I suppose the only real feelings of mine that leaked into it was I grew up pretty religious, in my mid twenties I went through confirmation to become Catholic but this actually coincided with the start of me becoming to except the agnostic side of me that I think was always there, and this song comes from my agnostic feelings, reflected in if you’re there god, Jesus, lord whoever can you at least turn my water to wine to help drink life’s bitter blows down a bit easier lol so here I am an agnostic wanting to have faith and believe so much but I’ve been put through and experienced so much shit that I’m at the stage I really would like to see some evidence and proof of a divine force, even though I do still believe there’s something that happens after the curtain falls….anyway I’ll stop going deep as one shud never discuss religion with friends it’s a sure fire way to get into an argument…..and anyway this is just a little wee country song. .. I hope you enjoy it, be lovely to get some likes or feedback or just to know you’re out there my friends, I love reading your comments xx


* if you’re going to steal, steal from the best lol and I can clearly remember that there were three clear influences I used or stole lol for this song and whom i was listening to at the time this song was created. 1) Ryan Adams, such a massive fan then and still now, for me my favourite and greatest artist of the last 30 years….the use of the word “rye” I stole directly off heartbreaker…..
2) Simon and Garfunkel, again such a massive fan and the harmony I created for this was directly influenced by them, and the whole story for the song, half came from “Wednesday morning 3am” and holding up a “liquor store” I stole directly from this song … 3) Johnny Cash, again a massive fan and I got heavily into him around the time this was wrote, my chords and bass parts are very Johnny cash in this song and also i was really influenced by one of his last original songs a great song called when the man comes around … I loved how he used the low piano notes on a lot of his latter recordings and nearly all my ‘kitchen songs’ used this low piano note style, cos I just love it…..u can hear it in this song on the hook line….
*This song contains my favourite and best two lyric lines I think I ever wrote,u may not agree but I always thought they were fab……
” I use to be a gambler,
now I’m an honest man
Though some say faith in Jesus
are like the cards are still in my hand”

* This basic track was recorded by my buddy rob jones on the same day we recorded scarlet rain and blink twice….. A great afternoon session…..
* All the instrument overdubs were put down in one session, and I believe apart from the sample click and the chorus and bridge harmonies, every part was recorded by myself.
* Use to gig the song much faster, proper country Yee haw…..
* This song actually got released twice to the public, it was the hidden track on the Delta debut album but a few years later I let a different company release it digitally as a solo song under the name “Lois lane stalker” it sold a few copies here and there, sold a few in Italy and France (I have no idea what that’s about) anyway Lois lane stalker never got round to a second release unfortunately…..
* As I always say on these posts if anyone has not got the Delta debut album and would like to hear the delta album with my songs played with my mates as full band recordings then drop me a line and I’ll get one to you for free, I got hundreds lol also if u want to see some cool pics of me in my twenties with no beard, lots of hair and a country hat ask for a copy there’s some nice photos in the booklet…..

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