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In many parts of 2021, time seemed to flow in a more zigzag pattern than usual. In order to understand why this is happening, it is not necessary to go into specifics. In regard to pandemic fatigue, we do not need to delve any deeper. The most significant thing to remember about 2021 is that it was the year in which we realized how important it is to live life fully. The music of the year served as a soundtrack to that discovery. Whether it was your first year back on the dancefloor or your second time jumping into a mosh pit, there was always a song to keep you dancing.

On this comprehensive list of the Six absolute best songs of 2021, you’ll find everything from dayglo pop-punk to glitterball K-pop to goth-noir to neon electro to harsh grime. Among these songs, there is something for everyone. Here are the pieces that took just three minutes of your time yet provided much more. These songs include established artists as well as up-and-coming artists. A split second can make a world of difference. In that spirit, shall we jump right in and finish it off? Here are our picks for the top albums of the year.

Yungblud – Fleabag

In the process of creating this anthem, which was inspired by Oasis, Green Day, and Nirvana, Yungblud lived out all of his rockstar fantasies. After the eclectic force of their second album, ‘Weird,’ Yungblud managed to encapsulate all the wonderful aspects of themselves in the song ‘Fleabag.”’ Fleabag.”’ Fleabag.” This music video demonstrates how Dom can balance his stadium goals with his desire to provide us with the cult hero we desperately need. A sultry, growling, and fluid song.

The Cribs – Swinging at Shadows

Wakefield’s finest is unlikely to let us down without releasing new music in 2021 after their reappearance last year with the still-incredible ‘Night Network. With the release of ‘Swinging at Shadows, The Cribs are introducing a subscription service for vinyl singles, ‘Sonic Blew Singles Club. A 205-second blast of indie-pop majesty chock-full of Jarman riffs, a joyful chorus about being an outsider again, and enough good vibes to make you forget that a pandemic is still raging at the back of God’s blessings on the Cribs.

aespa – Next Level

The duo’s first two singles, “Forever” and “Black Mamba”, marked their official debuts, but it was with their third single, “Next Level”, that they made a lasting impact. In an update on A$ton Wyld’s Fast & Furious soundtrack contribution, this single takes the genre into a far darker realm, combining hip-hop, electronic girl culture, and cyberpunk elements. Not to mention that it contains three unique ‘beat drops,’ each with its own incredibly addictive hooks? These ladies should be on your shortlist for the year 2022 – they’re going to be gigantic.

Tyler, the Creator – WUSYANAME

There is a possibility that we will never learn who the woman is. WUSYANAME was the subject of this song (also see the music for “WILSHIRE,” a song about a broken relationship). Tyler was also the subject of another piece by the Creator, “Call Me If You Get Lost,” in which she was the subject of the Creator’s love. In addition to Tyler’s smooth-talking, he composed an R&B slinker influenced by the ’90s. A romantic gesture of taking her to France for a weekend of pampering and adventure worked well.

Willow – Transparent Soul

‘Transparent Soul’ allows Willow to channel both Paramore and Avril Lavigne as she weaves a story of backstabbing buddies while moving seamlessly between R&B and pop-punk. Willow represents the magic of the alt-girl movement. It hasn’t been difficult for Travis Barker of Blink-182 to keep up with his workload, but the drumming skills he displayed on this song matched Willow’s voice with skyscraper force. She is currently living the rock & roll lifestyle, but what the future holds is anyone’s guess.

Twenty-One Pilots – Saturday

Twenty-One Pilots have a past catalogue primarily concerned with isolation, so you’d think they’d be right at home during the lockdown. However, they weren’t. They did not wallow in self-pity, instead of creating ‘Scaled & Icy,’ an album that is so upbeat that some fans think they have been brainwashed by their mythical secret organization, Dema, which they created. One of the jewels in this joyful crown is a groovy, uptempo bop called “Saturday”. There is more emphasis on dancing than on discouragement or hopelessness. Their outfit is shockingly stylish for someone who is emo. Despite its emo nature, the band is bright, flashy, and uniquely duo.

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