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Change | davidbeloved
Posted on March 20, 2021
Roekeloos- Take a Ride !
Posted on March 20, 2021

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Best R&B Albums of 2021: Critics’ Picks

Throughout 2021, R&B listeners were treated to various sounds, including classic and modern R&B/Soul, alternative/Progressive, and rap, jazz, funk, and Afrobeats. From established stars to hopeful rookies to important OGs, the artists who made their mark on the year were as diverse as the musicians who did. We have compiled a list of the best…

Best Songs Of 2021

In many parts of 2021, time seemed to flow in a more zigzag pattern than usual. In order to understand why this is happening, it is not necessary to go into specifics. In regard to pandemic fatigue, we do not need to delve any deeper. The most significant thing to remember about 2021 is that…

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Lee Mower

Holy Hearts is a collaborative effort from a network of talent including producers, singers, songwriters, rappers & instrumentalists, creating a variety of genres including Acoustic, Soul, Electronic Pop Music, even Drum ‘n’ Bass. Main singer, Lee Mower, has seen radio airplay on BBC Radio as Electronic Music Producer, Axiom Theory and festival music placements as well as performances at the like of One Love Soup Kitchen Festival and more.

Producer, Singer/Songwriter

Brand Name: Holy Hearts


Rhys Humphreys, also known as (State of Mind). Is an emerging Independent HipHop/Rap Artist from Stafford UK & also one of the proud founders of Foundational|Records alongside local artist & friend LEMZ 
  Since late May 2020, S.o.M has released stacks of new music gaining radio plays across the UK and America, featuring on stations such as BBC introducing bringing attention to the iconic single They Be Lying (feat. JayKiidd) & radio shows in New York that pushed the likes of his Mental Health Awareness release Low Dopamine & the fast paced, Hard Hitting rap track Que Será, Será


Brand Name - S.o.MMusic

Brazil Hill

Shekenda Hill known by her stage name “Brazil Hill” is a HipHop and R&B Artist from Mobile Al. Although the name sounds familiar to the south american nation it has no connection to Brazil’s musical roots. As a true artist her message speaks volumes to the life filled with many ups and down while pursuing an irresistible journey to being an entertainer. In 2019 Brazil with her business partner Freddie Davis started RichPointMusic. They released her first single called “In A Minute”. It’s a melodic R&B track which gave Brazil Hill the recognition she needed from music fans and tastemakers. Shortly after she followed up with an Ep call “ALPHA” which gave Brazil fans a taste of her true HipHop and R&B talent. Brazil music can be heard on all streaming platforms.

HipHop and R&B Artist

Unicorn Viper

Producer, Singer, Songwriter and a student at Makerere University

Musician, Producer, Singer, Songwriter


LILIE is the alias of Pittsburgh-based singer, songwriter, producer, and self-taught multi-instrumentalist Akash Ali. Born in southern Florida, LILIE taught himself to play the piano around the age of 9 and by 14 had learned the guitar and started writing songs. Coming from a family with no music background, he left Florida at 19 to forge a path into the music industry passing through Minneapolis, Vermont, NYC, and Philadelphia until finally ending up in Pittsburgh during 2020’s viral pandemic. In late February 2021 he made his first official release, a contemporary/experimental R&B EP titled “soft.”

Singer, Songwriter and Producer

Tyler O’Grady

This is Tyler O’Grady! I love to make electronic/dance/edm music and sometimes I rap! My style is definitely unique, a mix of edm, funk, house, early 90’s techno, and even some classical thrills. I have been influenced through so many avenues of music; I constantly find inspiration from David Guetta, Marshmello, Skrillex, The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Deadmau5, Bruno Mars, and my college piano teacher. I have only played piano for about 1 semester of college, and do most of my production through a free app on my ipad/iphone called Garageband. I have never played in any bands and I was able to create an entire album from scratch within 7 months of making my first single! My next album “Demo City” will be fully released on the 20th of March 2021. Be Yourself, Be the Difference, Inspire change.



Brand Name: Orngmonkey